Date Homework
Monday 16.03.2020 Go here to learn more about FCE exam. Take the sample test.
Monday 02.03.2020 SB p.139 ex1.
Saturday 29.02.2020 SB p.131 ex.3
WB p.48 ex.1.
Saturday 22.02.2020 SB p.186 study the page and rewrite (improve) your essay.
Saturday 01.02.2020 SB p.115 ex.6 Write a review.
Saturday 25.01.2020 SB p.112 ex.1,2,4.
Monday 27.01.2020 SB p.11 ex2.Learn the phrasal verbs!
Monday 20.01.2020 WB p.42-43 Reading part 6 and part 3.
Saturday 18.01.2020 WB p.40 ex.2.
Monday 09.12.2019 WB p.37 ex.1-3 Vocabulary.
Saturday 7.12.2019 WB p.36 ex.1-2
Monday 02.12.2019 SB p.97 ex.3.
Saturday 30.11.2019 SB p.93 ex.8 Write an essay.
Saturday 23.11.2019 WB p.34 Listening Part 3.
Saturday 16.11.2019 WB p.32 ex.1-3.
Mondayday 11.11.2019 By WEDNESDAY 13/11 write an article SB p.83 ex.7 and send it to me here.
Saturday 09.11.2019 SB p.94 ex.1-3.
Monday 21.10.2019 1)WB p.29 ex.2.
2)WB p.31 Reading and Use of English part 1.
Saturday 19.10.2019 1)WB p.28 ex.1-2.
Monday 14.10.2019 1)SB p.166 Study the rules 2) SB p.77 ex.1 Write down your examples.
Saturday 12.10.2019 1)WB p.29 Writing 2) WB p.30 Listening Part 2.