Unit 50

Замени глагол в скобках на правильную форму настоящего времени (is/am/are и глагол с окончанием –ing).
I (read) now.I am reading now.
We (sit).We are sitting.
He (ride) a bike.He is riding a bike.
They (stand).They are standing.
She (draw).She is drawing.
You (walk).You are walking.
The girl (dance).The girl is dancing.
The boys (jump).The boys are jumping.
The children (skip).The children are skipping.
The man (work).The man is working.
The men (work).The men are working.
What (you / do)?What are you doing?
What (he / do)?What is he doing?
What (they / do)?What are they doing?
What (the boys / do)?What are the boys doing?
What (the girl / do)?What is the girl doing?
My mother (not / watch) television.My mother is not watching television.
My brothers (not / play) football.My brothers are not playing football.
Ben (not / drive) a car.Ben is not driving a car.
Liz (not /dance).Liz is not dancing.
Ann and May (not / swim).Ann and May are not swimming.
I (not / sleep).I am not sleeping.
We (not / skate).We are not skating.
Pete and Mike (not / ski).Pete and Mike are not skiing.
Steve (not / sledge).Steve is not sledging.
You (not / sing).You are not singing.
I (not / ride) a horse.I am not riding a horse.