Unit 51

Замени глагол в скобках на правильную форму настоящего времени (is/am/are и глагол с окончанием –ing).
Ann (read) now.Ann is reading now.
Kate and Liz (walk).Kate and Liz are walking.
I (sing) now.I am singing now.
You (dance) now.You are dancing now.
Tim (ski) now.Tim is skiing now.
Tom and Dan (make) a snowman.Tom and Dan are making a snowman.
(he / swim) now?Is he swimming now?
(she / play badminton) now?Is she playing badminton now?
(you / work)?Are you working?
(they / skip)?Are they skipping?
(Pete / go) to the park?Is Pete going to the park?
(Nick and Bob / skate)?Are Nick and Bob skating?
I (not / watch) television.I am not watching television.
My mother (not / cook) now.My mother is not cooking now.
We (not / sleep) now.We are not sleeping now.
His friend (not / ride) a bike.His friend is not riding a bike.
Her friends (not / play) hopscotch.Her friends are not playing hopscotch.
You (not / drive) a car.You are not driving a car.