Unit 61

Выбери правильный вариант в скобках.
The girl (dives / is diving) now.The girl is diving now.
We (sledge / are sledging) now.We are sledging now.
He (rides / is riding) a scooter every day.He rides a scooter every day.
I usually (dance / am dancing) in the afternoon.I usually dance in the afternoon.
The birds (fly / are flying) now.The birds are flying now.
You (do / are doing) your homework now.You are doing your homework now.
Your cat (climbs / is climbing) a tree now.Your cat is climbing a tree now.
The children (sing / are singing) songs every day.The children sing songs every day.
His friends (play / are playing) table tennis now.His friends are playing table tennis now.
I usually (walk / am walking) in the park after school.I usually walk in the park after school.
My father and mother (watch / are watching) TV every evening.My father and mother watch TV every evening.
Dan (sit / is sitting) on the chair now.Dan is sitting on the chair now.
I (read / am reading) a book now.I am reading a book now.
Nick and Tom usually (have / are having) lunch at school.Nick and Tom usually have lunch at school.