Задай вопросы к предложениям
Mike is a pupil.Is Mike a pupil?
Mike lives in Park Street.Does Mike live in Park Street?
Mike has got a dog.Has Mike got a dog?
The dog is kind.Is the dog kind?
The dog runs in the park.Does the dog run in the park?
Helen is happy.Is Helen happy?
Helen skips well.Does Helen skip well?
Helen doesn't eat white bread.Does Helen eat white bread?
Jane is six.Is Jane six?
Jane likes ice cream.Does Jane like ice cream?
Jane has got a doll.Has Jane got a doll?
The boy plays chess.Does the boy play chess?
The boy is tired.Is the boy tired?
The child doesn't want to play.Does the child want to play?
The child goes to bed.Does the child go to bed?
The child is ill.Is the child ill?
Jane doesn't go to school.Does Jane go to school?
Jane hasn't got a schoolbag.Has Jane got a schoolbag?
Jane is at home.Is Jane at home?
Jane watches TV.Does Jane watch TV?